S.R. Mahadeva Sarma

Hailing from a family of traditional musicians, S.R. Mahadeva Sarma started learning violin at a tender age of seven under the able guidence of his father famous violinist Prof. M. Subramonia Sarma (who is the senior most violinist in kerala). S.R. Mahadeva Sarma gave his first violin duet performance at the age of ten along with his sister S.R.Rajasree.

S.R. Mahadeva Sarma is an 'A'Top grade violinist of All India Radio, Trivandrum. He has completed 27 years of experience in the field of carnatic Music in the year 2011. His mother Smt K. Renuka is also a good music lover. Among All the senior&famous artistes whom S.R.Mahadeva Sarma has accompanied, Dr.K. J. Yesudas gave encouragement, guidence and patronage. This aspect has inspired S.R.Mahadevasarma to achieve excellence in his field of music.

The Carnatic veena exponent, Padma Bhushan K.S. Narayanaswamy liked S.R. Mahadeva Sarma's violin performance and insisted that S.R. Mahadeva Sarma should accompany him on the violin for his veena concert. In 1999, when All India Radio invited Padma Bhushan K.S. Narayanaswamy to perform for them, K.S.Narayana Swamy accepted the offer and he insisted S.R. Mahadeva Sarma should perform along with him. Incidentally this performance was K.S.Narayana Swamy’s last recording for All India Radio and K.S.Narayana Swamy mentioned that it was his long standing desire to play the veena along with Mahadeva Sarma's violin. K.S.Narayana Swamy expressed his happiness and gratitude by appreciating S.R. Mahadeva Sarma's talent on the violin.