Awards & Achievements- Prof.M. Subramonia Sarma

  • Sangeetha Rathna,& Madhura Gaana Sudha Award Winner "A TOP" grade violinist of All India Radio & Doordarshan, Recipient of kerala Sangeetha nadaka academy award in the year a.d.1986.

    Prof. M. Subramonia Sarma born on 23rd march 1937 in a family of traditional musicians. His father K.Mahadeva iyer was a mridanga vidwan (who was a disciple of mridanga vidwan Pudukottai Dakshinamoorthy Pillai). Prof .M. Subramonia Sarma started his career as a violinist at the age of 17 years old under the able guidance of his father K.Mahadeva Iyer and later from Dr.Semmangudi. R.Sreenivasa Iyer. He has been performing in the field of karnatic from the year 1949.

    Awards, Titles, Honours
    1'Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer Memorial Award' by Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer Trust, Chennai in the year 2015.
    2. Honoured with the title 'Achaarya Kalaa Bharathi' by chennai Bharath Kalaachar Sabha in the year 2015.
    3. Honoured with the title 'KALAARETHNA' fellowship by Kerala Sangeeth Nataka Academy in the year 2014.
    4. In the year 2012 January he has been honoured with the prestigious award "The Papa Venkataramaiah Senior Violinist" award from madras music academy.
    5. He has been honoured with "A TOP" grade award by All India Radio & Doordarshan
    6. Kerala sangeetha nadaka academy award for violin in 1986.
    7. Best violinist honour from Kerala governor P.Ramachandran in the year 1987
    8. Madura gana sudha award from Madurai Vaikkathashtamy Sabha in the year 2003.
    9. In 2006, Aadi Sankara Veda Vedantha Samskritha has Honoured him the Award Sangeetha Rathna.
    10. In the year 2007 he has been honoured with nataraja sangeetha sabha Award from Trivandrum varkala Sri Nataraja Guru Centre, Sivagiri.
    11. Neelakantasivan sabha conferred Neelakantasivan award in the year 2019.

    He has a good number of disciples including his daughter S.R.Rajasree & his son S.R. Mahadeva Sarma.
    Speciality of performance ----- Prof. M. Subramonia Sarma" s performance is marked by gayaka style over the instrument, excellent command, excellent gamakas, deep classical values, melody. He has been performing in the field of karnatic from the year 1949.. He has violin trio cassettes & cd to his credit.

    Accompaniment performances and concert tours in abroad:- He has accompanied many musicians like Padmabhooshan Chembai Caidyanatha Bhagavather, Padmabhoshan T.V.Sankaranarayanan , Padmasri Palghat K.V.Narayanaswamy, Padmabhooshan Dr K.J .Yesudas, Padmasri Maharajapuram Santhanam, Padmasri Palghat K.V.Narayanaswamy, Dr.S.Ramanathan,D.K.Jayaraman, Seerkazhi Govindarajan, Ramanad Krishnan, R.K.Srikantan, Sri T.R.Subramoniam, Padmabhooshan.P.S.Narayanaswamy T.N.Seshagopalan, Sangeethakalanidi T.K.Govindarao,Veena Balachander and other prominent musicians.

    Prof .M. Subramonia Sarma, his son & daughter are empanelled artistes of indian council for cultural relations .He performed in the Kuwait radio too. He has visited many countries like United States of Americca, Europe, Gulf Countries and Singapore for concert tours with Dr K.J.Yesudas.

    Cassettes and other positions :- He has many audio cassettes, longplay discs and compact discs to his credit. He was one of the executive committee member from 1990 to 1992 at Sri Swathi Thirunal Sangeetha Sabha Trivandrum [ an organisation which promotes music & dance for the past 68 years ] he was part of the orchestra for many film music.