Awards & Achievements- S.R. Rajasree

  • Hailing from a family of traditional musicians, S.R. Rajasree started learning violin and vocal music at a tender age of eight years under the able guidance of her father famous violinist Prof. M. Subramonia Sarma (who is the senior most violinist in kerala).
    S.R.Rajasree gave her first violin duet performance at the age of eleven along with her brother
    S.R.Mahadeva Sarma. S.R. Rajasree is a post diploma holder in violin.
    She is an 'ATOP' grade violinist [casual artiste] of All India Radio, Trivandrum.

    1. Honoured with 'Kalaasri' award by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy 2015. 
    2. S.R.Rajasree has performed violin trio & duet concerts along with her father and brother. She is the first female violinist from kerala state who performed successful violin duet concert tour to United States of America in the year 2005 alongwith her brother S.R. Mahadeva Sarma.
    3. She is the first female violinist who played violin accompaniment in Trivandrum Navarathri Mandapam in the year 2006.
    4.She has done reserch work and popularised Naarada Pancharathnam, Thiruvotriyoor Pancharathnam, Kovoor Pancharathnam & Sreerangam Pancharathnamin kerala. This work has gained good appreciation from the public.
    5. She has also associated with her brother S.R. Mahadeva Sarma to popularise the rare vinayaka compositions of Muthuswami Deekshithar [Thirteen Krithies] and the rare vinayaka compositions of Harikesanellore Muthayya Bhagavather [Seven Krithies]. This work has also gained good appreciation from the public.

    She has received an international honour and one international award from United States of America & two titles from Tamil Nadu Sangeetha Sabhas.
    6. "Outstanding Violin Duo" from new jercy, U.S.A. In September 2005,
    7. Saraswathi award from New York, U.S.A. In September 2005
    8. Best sub-senior violinist award from indian fine arts society chennai on 4th January 2004.
    9. "Madura Gana Sudha Award" from Madurai in November 2002

    Speciality of performance S.R. Rajasree's performance is marked by excellent command over the instrument, excellent gamakas, deep classical values, melody, finger techniques and bowing techniques. She is giving importance to gamaka prayogas.she observes the indian style of bowing technique where she is using the thaanavillu style of playing [where the bow makes intermittent cuts in var nams, ragas, keerthans, niraval and swara playing] the gamakas add lustre and charm to the playing ..
    She has been performing in the field of karnatic music for the past 27 years i.e.; [from 1984] She has violin duet cassettes & cd to her credit.

    S.R.Rajasree has accompanied on the violin with many artistes like, Padmabhooshn Dr.K.j.Yesudas, Smt M.S.Sheela, Smt.Nagamonisrinath, Hyderabad Sisters, Padmabhooshan P.Leela, Smt Vijayalekshmy Subramoniam, flute Mala Chandrasekher, Anuradha Suresh Krishnamoorthy, and many other leading musicians of Kerala & Tamilnadu.